MHS Music


Jazz Ensembles Stream

Jazz Ensembles Stream includes Jazz Jam, Intermediate Jazz and Senior Jazz

Jazz Jam

Rehearsals: at 7.45am on Mondays

This ensemble is conducted by Mr Angus Gomm.

Jazz Jam is open to all new and aspiring jazz musicians

Tim_Noah_alex_Finn Manly Jazz

Intermediate Jazz

Rehearsals: at 7.45am on Thursdays

The ensemble is by invitation/ audition only and is directed by Mr Joern Harris.

To enrol in Jazz band you must first be enrolled and active in  a primary ensemble (Concert or Performance Band, Guitar ensemble or choir)


Senior Jazz Band

Rehearsals: at 3.20pm on Thursdays

This is the premier Jazz ensemble, entry is by invitation by Mr Greg Carger.

To enrol in a Jazz band you must first be an active member of a core ensemble ie one of the Concert Bands or Choir.  Attendance rates are taken into consideration.

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