mosman high Music


Wind Ensembles Stream

Wind Ensembles Stream includes Concert Band and Symphonic Wind Orchestra

Both of these ensembles are core ensembles.

symphonic Wind Orchestra (SWO)

Rehearsals: at 7.45am on Fridays (arrive 7.30am)

The symphonic Wind Orchestra (SWO) comprises students from Years 8 – 12. Entry to the band is by audition.  It is expected that band members commit to a weekly rehearsal, arriving on time and ready to play at 7.45am.  


Concert Band

Rehearsals: at 7.45am on Mondays (arrive 7.30am)

The starting point for students in years 7 and 8 including students who are new to their instrument.  Special Music students who play concert band instruments are expected to participate.

All students are welcome and encouraged to enrol.