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TerM 1 2024 - Music ENEMBLES update

MHS Music Update - Term 1 2024

It's great to see the ensembles are up and running and numbers are building across all the ensembles.

This year the following ensembles are being offered to students. Refer to Home Page for the schedule and details.

Symphonic Wind Orchestra (SWO) (Year 7 - 12)
String Ensemble (Years 7 - 12)
- Choir (Years 7 - 12)
– MHS Jazz Ensemble (auditioned/by invitation only)
– Jazz Jam (Years 7 - 12).  Members must also be a member of SWO.
– Percussion Ensemble (Years 7 - 12). Percussionists must be a member of  SWO.
– Guitar Ensemble (Years 7 - 12). Open to all guitarists. Core ensemble for guitarists.

*Bolded are Core Ensembles

New Faces

We are delighted to have some new faces on our conducting and tutoring team.
We welcome the following tutors/Directors to the team:

These people bring their experience and inspiring approach to their roles and join our other excellent group of tutors and directors to form a strong team.  You will hear more about them and our other tutors/directors over the coming weeks.  We are very excited to have them with us.

Music Meet and Greet - Tuesday 20 February 6.30pm in the Foyer of the Admin Building
Hear about our ensembles, ask questions and meet other parents. This is mostly for the benefit of new parents to the ensembles however every ensemble parent is welcome.

Ensemble Program Structure
The Ensemble program is administered by an Ensemble Manager/Administrator working closely with the Music Teachers.  The role is responsible for the overall management of the program including tutor support. The Parent  Committee is chaired by the Ensemble Manager including is the role of Treasurer.  Parents can be involved in a number of ways especially when it comes to fundraising aspects.  More information to come.

Performances and Events - refer to performances and events section of the website of the home page. We are currently developing a list of performances for our ensembles this year so keep an eye on the website for those.

Keeping informed
Private tutors will communicate directly with families/students about lesson times etc

Ensembles - we use a range of channels to communicate with ensemble families.  For smaller groups the director may communicate directly with their groups.  

For larger ensembles - each ensemble has a google classroom where messages are posted and the student will receive an e-mail on the school email when something is posted.  This is used for reminders, links to music and other information the students need to be aware of.  We also post notices on noticeboards in the rehearsal room and on the school noticeboard system which is read out to them in their first class each day. Of course, music teachers will let students know when they see them in class.

Communication to parents is via e-mail, occasionally facebook (mosmanhighmusic), sometimes text message when there is an urgent message.  The website is helpful for performance information, rehearsals, registrations for ensembles and private tuition.   When you are sent a message it usually means it's information you need to know or act on so please read these e-mails and ask questions if anything requires clarification.

We do ask the band members to ensure they pass messages onto parents.  We continue to look at other channels as needed which are consistent with the school communications channels.  

Please email mosmanhighmusic@gmail.com if you have questions about our ensembles or tutoring.