Private Tuition

We are fortunate to have a group of talented tutors who work at the school. To register for private tuition please access the button above.

Tutoring occurs (mostly) during the school day during class time. Lessons are scheduled on a rotating basis so students do not miss out on the same class lesson each week.  All ensemble members are expected to receive tutoring each week.  We have a group of experienced and talented tutors at the school that students can access however you may prefer to engage a tutor who isn’t engaged at the school.

Fees are around $47.50 per 30 minute lesson.  Fees are paid directly to the tutor who will make payment arrangements with you.

Tutoring is available in the following instruments:

Conditions of Engagement

Timeslots for the ½ hour music lesson will be rotated across the lesson times the tutor has available from week to week as is practical: and that it is the responsibility of the student to collect and catch up any missed class work.

Any change in the scheduled lesson time advised by the tutor is made 48 hours ahead of time.

Parents/students are to give no less than 48 hours notice to the tutor to cancel a lesson and acknowledge that if a child misses a lesson, the parent still pays for that lesson.  Where possible make up lessons (ie in the case of illness) will be arranged but this may not always be possible.

It is a requirement/mandatory for all students who undertake lessons with a private tutor on school premises that they attend an ensemble rehearsal once a week as requested by the Ensemble Program Administration/Music Staff.

Termination of lessons

A minimum of 4 week's notice must be given for the termination of lessons.