Join An Ensemble

This year we will be running the following ensembles. Refer to mosmanhighmusic for schedule and details.

Symphonic Wind Orchestra (Year 7 - 12)
String Ensemble (Years 7 - 12)
- Choir (Years 7 - 12)
– MHS Jazz Ensemble (auditioned)
– Jazz Jam (Years 7 - 12)
– Percussion Ensemble (Years 7 - 12)
– Guitar Ensemble (Years 7 - 12)
*Bolded are Core Ensembles


One of the requirements to ensure we comply with the guidelines is that EVERY ensemble member and private tuition student must register.  We make it easy for you by having this all online.  

Register Now:   Please access the website where you will find links to Ensemble Registration and Private Tuition.  We are unable to let your child participate if we don’t have a registration.

Participation and Commitment 

Core ensembles - Symphonic Wind Orchestra or Concert Band, Choir and String Ensemble.
Specialist ensembles - MHS Jazz Band, Jazz Jam, Guitar Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble

Sign up for the ensembles program via the online form - Ensembles Registration


Fees are set by the Music Committee. The fees pay for the ensemble directors, additional tutors, sheet music, competition entrance fees and transport to and from venues within school hours. These fees are additional to, and independent of, student school contributions and private music tutoring fees. Additional Fees are charged by the school for regional and overseas tours.  Ensemble Fees will be due around Week 6. An invoice will be issued once you have registered your child

Sibling Rate

If one child is paying the Full Rate then the second child is entitled to the Sibling Rate.

Private Tuition

Students are expected to receive 30 minutes private tuition each week and take part in an ensemble. We have a group of talented and experienced tutors who teach on site during the day. You can use your own external tutor if preferred.  Details and registration for private tuition can be found via

Annual Fee

Around $675 per annum to be a member of one or more ensembles. This covers conductor fees, music, administration, performances and more.


Our Ensembles wear a uniform which will need to be purchased in time for the first performance. Refer to uniform tab for details.