Key Members

  • Chair: Caroline Fechner

  • Treasurer: Mel Edwards

  • Secretary: Michelle Johnson

TerM 1 2022

We are excited to let you know that we have been given the go ahead to start our ensembles and private tuition back at the school from Monday 7 February.

We will have to follow Covid Safe procedures as per the rest of the school but we can meet all those requirements so we can plan to resume our ensembles and private tuition.

Firstly, thank you to all those students who participated in the zoom sessions last year. We did attempt to record some online performances – sadly, despite our constant encouragement, we only had a handful of students who submitted recordings so we didn’t have enough to put whole songs together for sharing with families. We really appreciated the efforts of those students who did participate – thank you.

REGISTRATION REQUIREMENT – for Covid Safe Rehearsals

One of the requirements to ensure we comply with the guidelines is that EVERY ensemble member and private tuition student must register. We make it easy for you by having this all online.

Register Now: Please access the website where you will find links to Ensemble Registration and Private Tuition. We are unable to let your child participate if we don’t have a registration.

Not Returning? Please let us know if you are not returning to ensembles so we can manage our attendance lists and remove your details from our contact lists. Please let us know via

Ensemble Schedule

This year we will be running the following ensembles. There are some adjustments to rehearsal days due to room and conductor availability. Refer to mosmanhighmusic for schedule.

– Concert Band

– Symphonic Wind Orchestra

– MHS Jazz Ensemble (auditioned)

– Jazz Jam

– Percussion Ensemble

– Guitar Ensemble

– String Ensemble

– Choir – start date will be determined by NSW Health advice with regard to singing however we are hopeful we can begin by mid-term 1.

Covid-safe Measures at each Rehearsal

The following Covid Safe Measures will be in place at rehearsals:

– Students/conductor to sanitise hands on arrival at rehearsal and after rehearsal.

– Music stands sanitised after rehearsals.

– Seats sanitised after rehearsals

– Ensure brass players have their own moisture rags which are promptly put back in their cases after rehearsal

– Students to have their own instruments including percussionists who must provide their own sticks and mallets

– Students with smaller instruments will be asked to store their instruments in their locker to reduce traffic in and out of the storeroom.

– Opportunities for ventilation in room will be maximised

– Physical distancing will be observed where possible

– Musicians to wear masks when not playing their instrument

Please register to participate in an ensemble or private tuition. More information can be found on the website –