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15 February 2020

Latest News - Start of 2020

Read the latest news including how you can help with our Ensemble Program and below is an invitation to our drinks evening next Tuesday.

This week our ensembles had their first rehearsals for the year.  Thank you to everyone who came along and welcome to the many new members to our ensembles.


Over the holiday break, we were planning our performances for this year and next. We are almost ready to share those dates with you so your child can plan their other activities around being available to perform.

Registrations for Private Tuition and Ensemble Members – please register

It is a very busy time of the year with getting our ensembles up and running and we need all ensemble members and private tuition students to register.


Register via the buttons on the homepage of this website.


ALL private tuition students must register – even if you were having lessons last year.

Ensemble Rehearsal Schedule

The Ensemble timetable can be found our facebook page – Mosman High Music – and details of rehearsals are on this website.

We have a new Wind Orchestra (formerly Senior Concert Band) and Senior Jazz conductor joining us this year, Greg Carger.  Greg is a very experienced musician/conductor and is excited to be joining the conducting team.

Ms Brownlee is also going to continue conducting Concina Choir and Songlines (formerly Voxens).  We saw a great improvement in our choirs under her leadership last year so we are pleased she can conduct again this year.

All other conductors remain the same and we look forward to hearing them produce some wonderful music this year.

Get involved with our Ensembles Program

If you would like to assist with aspects of our ensembles program there are many tasks where we could use parents’ assistance.

Please access this link for a brief description to let us know that you would like to help. More detail about the tasks will be provided at the Welcome Evening

19 November 2019

Auditions for Senior Concert Band and Senior Jazz Band

Concert Band and Intermediate Jazz Band members are eligible to audition for Senior Concert Band and Senior Jazz Band.  Auditions will be held from Week 4 – 8.  Students can audition when they feel ready by turning up on Wednesday morning from 8.15am at Senior Concert Band Rehearsal.  Mr Ray Cassar or Mr Joern Harris will conduct the auditions in a separate tutor room.

Please note:  that the Concert Band is for Year 7 and 8 instrumentalists – not just year 7 or those new to their instrument – however all students are welcome to audition for Senior Concert Band.