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Wellbeing committee

What we do…

The P&C Wellbeing Committee aims to provide parents with information and advice on the wellbeing of our children through their high school years to complement the work of the school and its Wellbeing Strategy. We believe that having parents hear the same messages as students and staff strengthens the school community and our ability to support our young people in being healthy and resilient.

Through the year, working with the Principal and her leadership team, we hold a series of presentations by high-calibre speakers who are experts in their field. For example, Distinguished Professor Ron Rapee has talked to parents about ’Teenagers, Mental Health and Resilience’, Dr Andrew Campbell has spoken to parents a few times about teenagers and technology and Associate Professor Viviana Wuthrich has presented on ‘Study without Stress’.

In support of our aim to help our young people make wise choices, nationally respected drugs and alcohol educator Paul Dillon has spoken to parents, staff and the older students. His presentations have become something of a fixture in the school calendar as they are so well received by parents and students alike. We have also produced the Mosman High School Parents’ Alcohol and Drug Resource Book.

These programs will continue, supported by parent funding through the P&C. We undertake biannual surveys of parents to make sure we are covering the subjects that matter most to them, as well as gathering feedback on each of the speakers. We have had a tremendous response from parents to our previous presentations.


Being involved with the Wellbeing Committee is a great way to know more about what’s happening in the School and of supporting your child. Hearing from the Principal and her team fills in some of the gaps, and connecting with other parents can be a wonderful support when navigating some of the challenges that come with raising teenagers.

If you can contribute practical skills such as helping find great speakers, organising talks or publicising them, please come and join our team. It doesn’t take a great deal of time and is immensely rewarding.

drama committee

This committee supports the school’s Drama program. Parents are wonderful assets providing not only expertise, but also assistance at performances and concerts. We work closely with the wonderful Performing Arts department, sharing ideas involving workshops, excursions to the theatre and of course performances. We help organise Mosfest the school’s film festival and its awards night The Moscars.

Get involved and support your child in the Drama program. If you can contribute any skills or expertise please come and join our team. You can contribute by attending our meetings once a month; our meetings are social and do make a difference to the Performing Arts.

You can contribute by attending our meetings once a month; our meetings are social and do make a difference to the Performing Arts.

ART committee


The Art Committee meet on the third Monday of the month at 6pm in the Mosman High office foyer or via Zoom to share ideas about how to best support the school’s wonderful Art Department and its dedicated teachers and in turn enhance art education for all Mosman High students.

Everyone is welcome to attend, you don’t need to have a child in special art just come along and get to know our group.

What we do

We raise funds for the Art Department including materials, pinboards, TV, learning aids, and excursions. Anything that is required to enrich the learning and teaching process for all Students and Staff.

Over the past four years we have been involved with working bees to assist the staff with general cleans-ups and organisational tasks to assist with getting the art block ready for the annual Art Exhibition that showcases the HSC Major works and the work of Years 7 to 11.

The Art Committee also produced a hard cover book of HSC Art Student’s major works. The students receive a copy on graduation, and Mrs Wyatt proudly presents them as gifts on her official visits.